Open colors of the World

Colours possess the ability to provoke sensations and associations. Such sensations often supress rational arguments and lead to a spontaneous action. Scientists are still arguing as to the exact figures, but it has been discovered that the human eye can perceive millions of colour tints. That translates into a million of various sensations. And many more opportunities to deliver a message, to attract somebody and to create images than by using the vocabulary available to us.

It is indeed fascinating that most of tints can be achieved by mixing as few as four colours. These are blue (cyan) – the most popular colour in the world, always changing and spontaneous. Purple (magenta) – a colour of all-inclusive harmony and emotional balance, the best instrument for changes. Yellow – a colour for pragmatics, not dreamers, an energetic and optimistic colour. And, finally, black (key) – colour of strength and control, a classic since the Stone Age.

Just like human character, the nature of any printing work depends on the proportions of various features. Therefore, if you want to communicate in the CMYK language, turn to Politech. Our inks will help you to present sensations which cannot be described in words.